The Unknown Areas Of Sexuality

Most people are not aware that the clitoris is an internal organ. While you might think that the little bump which drivers women wild is the entire enchilada, you should know that it is just the tip of the iceberg. Most of the clit is located within the pelvis and when it becomes erect, it then wraps around the vagina making sex to be more pleasurable for both parties. People think that the clitoris is only the little bump on the outside because researched did not start to learn about the benefits of this organ until they were able to see it via an MRI machine. This is something that could only be done in the nineties.

Sex can make women to look more beautiful. When women have sex, their level of estrogen doubles which makes their hair to shine more and skin to become softer. Estrogen is the fountain of youth for women. Also the increase in blood flow from orgasms makes their cheeks to become rosy although mostly in warm temperature.

Diet affects flavor of semen. If a man wants the woman to be orally fixated, it is essential that you change diet for her pleasure. Fruits that have a lot of sugar such as pineapple, kiwi and watermelon make semen to taste lighter while coffee and beer leaves it with a bitter flavor. Meat products makes it taste buttery while fruits that are acidic give it a sweet flavor.

Female sexuality is still a mystery. The existence of G spot and whether female ejaculation is real is not clear. People say that since most women are not able to experience vaginal orgasm, then the G spot does not exist. It is also believed that there is no place inside the vagina that has more nerve endings than any other area. Those who believe in the existence of the G spot say that the vagina has an erogenous zone which swells up when one gets excited and this is the area that provides additional lubrication when it is sexually aroused.

While it is true that there are women who gush fluids during orgasm, the debate is on what the fluid is made of. A lot of critics say that the fluid is urine while others say it is a separate substance.

It is therefore clear that above are some of the things that most people do not know about when it comes to sexuality.

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